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Rethinking Your Work-From-Home Wardrobe

Experts say what you wear can impact your job performance, even when working from home. NBC's Chris Pollone reports.

(NBC News) — For many of us, working at home during the pandemic has meant lots of norms have gone straight out the window. While some of us haven’t looked at a tie or dress in a year, others don’t feel ready to take on the day without getting ready for work, as they always have. It turns out, those…

“Crisis Mode For Weeks And Months” – Slow Recovery Begins In Texas

As temperatures slowly rise, Texans are surveying historic damage left by a week of frigid temperatures and power outages. NBC's Jay Gray reports.

(NBC News) — Texas is slowly warming, with temperatures climbing above freezing for the first time in a week in many parts of the state. Still, the damage done by the winter storm that nearly collapsed the state’s power grid remains. “We have a long way to go in terms of getting out of this, and our problems are just…

No Felony Charges For South Dakota Attorney General Following Fatal Accident

More than five months after South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg struck and killed a pedestrian, prosecutors announce he'll face three misdemeanor charges, with none related to the death. KDLT's Kevin Gonzalez reports.

(KDLT/NBC News) — On the night of September 12, 2020 South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg was behind the wheel of a car that struck and killed Joe Boever. Now, more than five months after the crash, official charges have been filed against Ravnsborg. They include careless driving, operating a vehicle while using a mobile device, and a driving lane…

“Elsa” Arrives In Arkansas

One Hot Springs, Arkansas couple went all out with their ice sculpture of Queen Elsa from "Frozen." KARK's Cassandra Webb reports.

(KARK/NBC News) — One Hot Springs, Arkansas couple went all out with their ice sculpture of Queen Elsa from “Frozen.” Queen Elsa’s “kingdom of isolation” is actually just the yard of Ashley and David Diedrich. Ashley and David started out with plans for a simple snowman, but quickly ditched the carrots to build the queen instead. They used water and…

Houston Water Woes Continue

City officials say a boil water advisory will likely remain in place until Monday; bottled water distribution sites open to high demand. KPRC's Courtney Zubowski reports.

(NBC News) — A boil water notice in Houston, Texas will likely be lifted Monday, Mayor Sylvester Turner announced during a briefing Thursday. “We’re still looking at some times, probably at the best I would say Sunday, but I’m just going to say Monday,” Turner said. “So we will still be in this boil water status probably until about Sunday…

Biden’s Global Focus: COVID-19 & Climate

The Biden administration announces the release of funding to help provide COVID-19 vaccine to developing countries...and officially rejoins the Paris Climate Accord. NBC's Tracie Potts reports.

(NBC News) — The Biden administration announced Friday that the U.S. is releasing $4 billion, already approved by Congress, to distribute. So far 130 countries haven’t received any vaccine. New variants of COVID-19 have appeared in 1300 people in 42 states. Pfizer admits its vaccine may be less potent against the South African strain. “We are preparing for the possibility…

Congresswoman Defends “Put Americans First” Comments

Arizona's Rep. Debbie Lesko appeared to conflate undocumented immigrants with all Hispanics during debate on COVID-19 vaccine distribution. KPNX's Brahm Resnik reports.

(KPNX/NBC News) — Republican Congresswoman Debbie Lesko of Arizona is defending remarks she made while urging a U.S. House committee to move undocumented immigrants to the back of the line for vaccinations. The failed effort would have run counter to public health guidelines in Arizona and advice from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. One of those amendments to President…

Democrats Introduce Sweeping Immigration Reform

President Biden's plan features an eight year path to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants. NBC's Alice Barr reports.

(NBC News) — Congressional Democrats on Thursday formally introduced President Biden’s sweeping immigration reform bill. The centerpiece is an eight-year path to citizenship for roughly 11 million undocumented immigrants, with a faster track for farm workers, DACA dreamers who came here as children, and those whose homelands are deemed unsafe. Immigration reform was a key campaign promise for President Biden….

Mother Killed When Children Find Loaded Gun

A North Carolina mother of five is dead after one of her children found a loaded gun inside their apartment. WCNC's Briana Harper reports.

(WCNC/NBC News) — A North Carolina mother of five is dead after one of her children found a loaded gun inside their apartment. Cornelius Police say 25-year-old Gabriel Alexis Henderson was found dead inside her apartment Monday evening. Her youngest child was also injured. Detectives on the scene determined the only people inside the apartment at the time of the…