Rethinking Your Work-From-Home Wardrobe

Experts say what you wear can impact your job performance, even when working from home. NBC's Chris Pollone reports.

(NBC News) — For many of us, working at home during the pandemic has meant lots of norms have gone straight out the window.

While some of us haven’t looked at a tie or dress in a year, others don’t feel ready to take on the day without getting ready for work, as they always have.

It turns out, those who follow that normal fashion routine may be on to something.

People like journalist Anabel Maldonado, who works in fashion, have found clothes can improve mood, and in turn, job performance.

“There’s a meme going around on Instagram that says ‘I’m happier when I like my outfit.’ You know that’s not just fluff, there’s some real science behind that,” Maldonado says.

A 2012 Northwestern University study found subjects were more focused on a task when wearing certain clothes.

“It’s not only what you’re wearing, but the associations we have around it can really affect our performance,” Maldonado says.

The researcher behind that 2012 study on clothes and productivity is now conducting another study, trying to figure out exactly how our work-from-home outfits are affecting our job performances.

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