August 8th Emancipation Day Celebration

RUSSELLVILLE, Ky. – In Western Kentucky and Tennessee, August 8th is celebrated as Emancipation Day.

In Russellville, the collection of old houses are known as the SEEK Museum, helps to throw a weekend long celebration to commemorate  slaves gaining their freedom. This is one of many communal freedom celebrations in the country.

During the weekend there are parades, live music, food vendors,  sports tournaments and more. At the SEEK Museum, staff do their part to educate their community and visitors of the history in Western Kentucky that they feel needs to be told as well as some notable black Americans that hail from the area.  Museum Director Michael Murrow says SEEK is more than a museum for the Russellville community, and encourages everyone to visit.

To learn more about the museum and keep up with them, head to their facebook page by searching SEEK Museum.