Anonymous $1 million gifted to Lost River Cave

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Lost River Cave is celebrating a one million dollar gift from an anonymous donor. 

It’s the biggest donation the cave has ever seen. 

The cave will use the gift to build their new Nature Discovery Center, the next big step for the cave’s capital campaign.

The Nature Discovery Center will house exhibits and classes throughout the cave’s 72 acres. 

Lost River Cave Executive Director Rho Lansden said, “Yes, it’s an amazing gift to our community. He’s helped us kickstart an amazing campaign and bring something new to South Central Kentucky.”

Once the cave reaches $3 million dollars, phase one of construction kicks off. This million dollar gift marks the halfway point. 

Lansden said it’s an exciting milestone that coincides with the return of members and visitors this fall.

“Over 200,000 people have visited the park this year,” Lansden said. “In the first three weeks of October, 50,000 people came out to see the Scarecrow trail. So we know that we have an audience and there’s a lot of demand for connecting with nature, which is a perfect fit for our mission.”

Lansden said this Thanksgiving season is the perfect time to thank their anonymous donor. 

“This gift will provide a way to connect with nature for children of all ages. People will come here, they will visit the nature Discovery Center, and we’ll send them right in the outdoors with information that will make every step of the outdoors more exciting,” Lansden said.