52% KY votes ‘no’ on Amendment 2; what comes next, legally?

LEXINGTON, Ky. – Polls are in, and the majority of Kentucky voters said ‘no’ to Amendment 2. So, what does this mean for the abortion argument here in the Commonwealth?

After a close vote, roughly 52 percent of voters did not want to amend the state constitution. 

Since the amendment failed, The state supreme court can still hear the case to determine whether the right to have an abortion still exists within the state constitution.

The Kentucky Supreme Court will hear an oral argument for abortion rights next week.

University of Kentucky law professor Joshua Douglass explains, “If the amendment had passed, there’d be nothing for the state supreme court to do because there would be no ability to recognize a right to abortion within the state constitution. Basically, nothing changes from the defeat of the amendment.”

Douglas predicts the current supreme court will try to get a decision out before the end of the year so as to avoid reargument.