Women-owned business seeks to transform Glasgow

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GLASGOW, Ky. – A newer business in Glasgow that opened during the pandemic is taking off, trying to make the city better.

Off the Square is a safe haven for women who need to decompress, according to store owners Julie Dickinson and Lisa Richardson. They said this environment has been possible because their store has adapted to the challenges Covid presented.

Richardson said, “We did some Christmas shopping where people didn’t even come in the store. They would text us or FaceTime us, and we would do their Christmas shopping for them just by text messaging or FaceTiming.”

Dickinson and Richardson make it a point to support other women owned businesses and family owned businesses by representing products that have backstories behind them, creating a personal touch with their vendors.

“It’s been really kind of exciting and neat and well received with our customers,” said Dickinson.

They feature natural products and organic ingredients. They make it their mission not just to sale their organic products but to educate their customers and try to introduce Glasgow to all natural products one at a time.

Dickinson said, “I really tried to look to cut out the toxins in my life, especially personal care products and things like that, so there wasn’t a lot of that to find in Glasgow.”

Along with all natural products, plastic reduction weighs heavily on Dickinson and Richardson’s hearts. 

About a month ago, they started their refill station- a place where people can buy bottles of soap, lotion, and other products and then people can come refill them for a reduced cost.

“If you think about how many shampoo bottles you throwaway call me how many hand soap bottles, how many dish soap bottles, lotion bottles, I mean it’s just unbelievable how much plastic [it is],” said Dickinson. 

They’re already thinking ahead to how they can expand this station to a glass bottle recycling station. 

And why? All for the future of their hometown.

Richardson said, “We both were born and raised here, now we’re raising our families here. We want to put a stamp on this community. We want to make it better.”

Dickinson said, “We just want Glasgow to be a place where people want to come.“