WNKY SPECIAL REPORT: America’s most prolific serial killer talks about the murder of Smiths Grove woman

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SMITHS GROVE, Ky. – A serial killer, now dead, admitted to killing a woman from Warren County four decades ago.

Samuel Little died on December 30, 2020, in a hospital while serving three life sentences for only a few of his murders.

WNKY obtained his interviews with police talking about the murder of 23-year-old Linda Sue Boards.

Samuel Little, America’s most prolific serial killer, has admitted to the murder of 93 women with 50 of them verifiable.

Little told the FBI that he strangled his victims between 1970 and 2005.

Warren County’s Linda Sue Boards was found dead on May 15th, 1981.

“What do you remember about Bowling Green?” said the Trooper.

“Nothing,” said Little. “You pulled off the interstate there. Do you remember the exit or anything?” said the Trooper. “We were downtown,” said Little.

These were the moments when police confront Samuel Little about the murder of a Warren County woman, Linda Sue Boards.

Boards was last seen leaving a club in Bowling Green and her body was found a few days later, according to KSP records.

The records indicate Boards had been raped and strangled to death.

“So, were her pants still on or off?” said the Trooper. “I think, I don’t think she had on pants. She may have,” said Little. “Do you remember what shirt she was wearing or any of that? Or if she had a jacket on?” said the Trooper. “No, it was, I think she had her blouse on,” said Little.

In an interview Kentucky State Police conducted with Little, he described taking Boards out to eat and getting in the car and driving a little ways. He then says they pulled over and had intercourse.

“After everything was over and I was on the road pulling out, I had her pocket book with me and I looked through it and I seen a wallet and I looked at it I saw that her name was Linda Boards,” said Little.

According to Kentucky State Police records, she was found on a farm on Hydropondsville Road near Smiths Grove.

“When she starts *redacted* in the back seat is when you strangled her?” said the Trooper. “Yeah,” said Little. “How’d you leave her? Was she naked or clothed or half clothed?” said the Trooper. “I think it, said she, uhm, about half clothed,” said Little.

Little then talked about what he did after strangling Boards.

“I backed up and left her laying there and she was in plain view,” said Little. “So you said you didn’t even want to kill this one, right,” said the Trooper. “No, I didn’t really plan on it, but I just did. Unfortunately I had the desires all this time *inaudible* out of control” said Little.

“Is that what makes you horny when you choke on them?” said the Trooper. “Yeah. At that point in life, yeah,” said Little.

Just recently, Samuel Little admitted to 93 murders.

“I decided to come clean,” said Little

During the interview, the trooper asked Little to visually identify his Kentucky victim.

“Well, if we showed you pictures of her, would you like to see them?” said the Trooper. “I’d like to see them because *inaudible* but I couldn’t recognize her,” said Little. “You don’t think you’d recognize her?” said the Trooper.“I don’t think I would,” said Little.

After seeing the pictures, Little confirmed it was her and said he did recognize her shirt.

Little also admitted to another murder in Kentucky of a woman he picked up in Ohio. He told the FBI he drove across the state line into Kentucky and up a small dirt road where he strangled the woman in the backseat of his car and left her body on the top of the hill.

Little was never officially convicted in the murder of Boards but after his death, the case was closed.