WKU students teach young girls about science and engineering

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Students at Western Kentucky University are partnering with Lost River Cave Elementary school to teach young girls about science and engineering.

The 6-week long program was launched by the WKU’s Girls in Science and Engineering club.

The idea is to get girls interested in learning about science and engineering at a young age.

Right now, the club is only partnering with lost river elementary. it’s a trial run, that if successful, could expand to other schools.

“Society doesn’t always tell girls that it’s something that they can do, especially from an earlier age. I think that especially with STEM if that’s something that you want to do, the earlier you can get involved with it the better,” said Lauren Cooper, Senior at WKU.

The after school program happens every Friday, and this week, the students learned about the relation between art and psychology.