WKU student looking to lend a helping hand during pandemic

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- As the coronavirus pandemic continues, it’s no secret that some may be struggling emotionally.

A student at Western Kentucky University is looking to help out.

Shikira Tunstill, a junior at WKU is creating a Zoom chat room designed to help those who are struggling in any capacity during this pandemic.

The goal is to provide a safe haven for those who need support. The group chat will have the first meeting on Sept. 21, and those who signed up are able to invite other people as well.

Tunstill said now more than ever, it’s essential to let those who are struggling know that they’re not alone.

“We have a lot going on with college students from doing online classes to having anxiety being away from family and friends. Then there are issues financially and jobs. I figured that we could do something together for the community as people,” Tunstill said.

People are free to come and go throughout the time of the group chat. To sign up, contact Shikira via her email s_tunstill@yahoo.com.