WKU science classes get a new look

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-To kick off the 2019 fall semester, students taking courses in Kelly Thompson Hall stepped into a new experience, one including round tables, multiple boards and projectors, and more space in general. Professor of physics Dr. Doug Harper said he enjoys utilizing this enhanced learning environment.

“We’re really thrilled about the new environment. We have had this environment for quite a while, but it was a much smaller room, and we could only teach about 30 students in it. In the renovation, we were able to expand the rooms to twice the size,” Harper said.

These classrooms were originally two separate classrooms. Thanks to some renovations, the walls were taken down in those classrooms, resulting in the element of group work.  It’s received good reception from students.

“With my old Physics 1 classroom, being in straight line desks made it hard to communicate with the other students to see how they figure stuff out. Once you’re in the circle desks, you can communicate with up to nine people,” said WKU sophomore Jesse Talley.

Harper said providing a great learning environment is key. It’s chock full of opportunities for student interaction. Harper said he can’t wait to get the young minds into motion.

“I hope that what it does is it causes people to maybe consider physics as an exciting opportunity to maybe want to study it. All of the students who need to take physics, the engineers and the other science majors too, have an enjoyable experience, and a really positive learning experience in our classrooms,” Harper said.