WKU Rock the Vote encourages young people to register to vote

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Today is national voter registration day, a day Western Kentucky University typically celebrates with a party on South Lawn, but this year the celebration was online.

WKU professors, students and faculty spent part of their day today posting videos, pictures and links to encourage students to register to vote, using the hashtag #hilltoppersvote.

“Get registered, get your ballot, and make your mark. WKU makes a difference in so many ways, and one of those and one of those is that Hilltoppers vote,” said Bob Skipper, the director of media relations at WKU, in a video online.

The goal of it all, to remind students of how important it is to vote and be informed of politics according to coordinator for the political engagement project for WKU, Dr. Saundra Ardrey.

“First it was just men with property. Then it was black men. Then we had the women. Then we brought in young people and so we’ve gone through a lot of trouble to make sure to guarantee that all of our citizens are able to vote because in order to have a true democracy, you need to have input from all your groups” said Ardrey.

Sherry Johnson, the Butler County Clerk, encourages folks to vote, but also to be informed in their voting.

“Before you go and actually vote, be sure you get some information about those candidates so you know who you want to vote for that’s more aligned with your values,” said Johnson.

“Please, make sure you take the steps necessary now to let your voice be heard in November. Go Tops,” said WKU President Timothy Caboni in a video online.

The last day to register to vote is Oct. 5.

To register to vote, click here.