WKU offers virtual training for suicide awareness

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Western Kentucky University offered a suicide awareness training virtually Thursday afternoon to help prevent suicide. 

The session was facilitated by Dr. Karl Laves, Licensed Counseling Psychologist and Associate Director. Laves says that suicide awareness is more than just knowing that people commit suicide. 

It’s also about knowing signs, risk factors, and what you can do to reach out. 

Peggy Crowe, WKU director of counseling, says with the pandemic this is an even more critical topic, with people experiencing social isolation and depression. 

“You know it’s never comfortable but it is a conversation we can have with other people and really truly be connected and checking in and being intuitive enough to kind of listen to what’s behind the response. When I ask you how you’re doing, that I take pause and really listen and take in what you’re saying to me,” said Crowe. 

Over 50 students, faculty and staff attended the session and they will be having another session this spring.