WKU offers early housing to students affected by eastern Kentucky flooding

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Western Kentucky University has open arms for students affected from the flooding in eastern Kentucky. 

WKU has offered to any WKU student from eastern Kentucky who needs housing, to come early to campus. They can live in residence halls for free for the rest of summer. 

This applies to students who have already made arrangements with the university for fall semester housing.

Staff say people were so good to Bowling Green after the devastating tornadoes… now this is their opportunity to do something for a part of Kentucky that’s hurting right now. 

“So many of the residents in that area lost their homes, they lost everything so they’re really starting from scratch so this is just an opportunity for us to help them get a start and to be able to begin that rebuilding process,” said Jace Lux. 

Any student affected by flooding that needs housing can reach out to WKU Housing and Residence Life.