WKU Financial Assistance interviews on Biden’s loan forgiveness

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The nation is anxiously awaiting more information from President Joe Biden explaining his student debt cancellation for millions of Americans.

News 40 spoke to Western Kentucky University Thursday, their official statement reading, “…The plan would certainly have implications for some of our recent graduates and current students….”

WKU told us Friday the information they have is very limited – roughly a page and a half of information released by the White House. 

From our interviews with some of you in the community, the questions on everyone’s lips are: do I qualify? Where’s this forgiveness money coming from? When will this forgiveness actually kick in?

WKU Director of Student Financial Assistance said, “At this point, we know about as much as the general public. The information that is available to us is available online to anyone wanting to check out the website. So, calls that we’re receiving in our department at this point, we are mostly directing individuals to those [national] websites and giving them the basic information we have available.”

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