WKU Commons still not open due to COVID and shortages

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Commons at WKU has been under construction for longer than anticipated now and students are seeing an impact.

Food options on the hill are fewer this year after the food court in Garrett Conference Center was torn down.

Jace Lux, the spokesperson for Western Kentucky University says the WKU Commons building was expected to be completed before classes began this semester and would provide several food options for students near the top of campus, but the pandemic has caused several major bumps in the road for completion.

“Really, the simple answer is COVID has impacted construction projects nationwide and The Commons is just one example of those. We’ve experienced everything from material shortages to supply line shortages to personnel issues,” said Lux.

Since there are fewer food options, food lines are much longer than usual.

Although workers do their best to keep the lines moving, this issue impacts students who have a tighter class schedule.

“It’s just kind of tough. If you have, you know, a 20 minute window between classes and you want to go and grab food, it’s kind of tough to do that because the lines are so long. And they said that there was going to be a new building coming up with different food options but that hasn’t come up yet. So everybody comes to DSU and the lines are so long. It makes the food worth the wait once you get it,” said Colby Alexander, a WKU student.

With few options for students with classes in Cherry, Snell or other halls at the top of the hill, WKU started ‘Restaurant Row’ where local food trucks come, and students can use their meal plans to purchase food.

“It’s really been an interesting way to get and introduce some of our local businesses in the Bowling Green community to campus. A lot of times, students, especially that aren’t from Bowling Green, aren’t aware of all of the different options that are available out in the community so us being able to bring those to them has been really exciting and has been really well received,” said Lux.

The Commons is still expected to open sometime this semester.

Lux says their will be a big opening day event when the Commons finally opens.