Wheelchair duo finishes Boston Marathon, requalifies for next year

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Last week News 40 told you that two local men in wheelchairs were racing the Boston Marathon. Well now they are back in town!

Matt Davis and Mike Sprouse said the best part about the experience was having a full crowd for the first time since the pandemic. They also said the wheelchair athletes had a police motorcade escort from the airport to the hotel and back, which was pretty sweet for them.

Davis raced in the push rim wheel competition and Sprouse was in the hand cycle competition. Both of their finishing times requalified them for the Boston Marathon next year. 

Davis says there’s no better feeling than representing your hometown when in a huge race like Boston. 

“It’s really cool because during the race I have a jersey that I wear that has Kentucky on it in white lettering and when I’m leaning over all they can see is Kentucky on there. And so along the course they’re like ‘you’ve got this Kentucky, go Kentucky, don’t stop Kentucky,” said Davis. 

This was the duo’s 8th Boston Marathon together… and I have a feeling they won’t be stopping here.