WCPS using NTI due to staff illness and shortage

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Friday, Warren County Public Schools will use their third non-traditional public school day because of staffing shortages due to the latest Covid surge.

Warren County Public Schools Superintendent Rob Clayton said, “It’s a very complex and challenging situation for all school districts.”

Recently, Governor Beshear announced that the largest number of cases to date had been reported forcing the Warren County Public School System to make a tough choice that protects students, faculty and staff.

South Warren Junior Cody Eli said, “Everybody just hopes it gets better. Everybody’s just kind of worried and stresses out. It’s been a long year…It’s kind of insane. There’s a lot of kids who are out sick. It’s just a lot going on.”

South Warren Sophomore Eli Jones said, “We hope they come back soon and make a quick recovery from Covid. We hope it doesn’t spike up again.”

So, is this NTI purely caused from Covid? Clayton said there’s another issue.

“There’s been a long pattern of the teacher shortage each year since I’ve been here as superintendent in 2013. We’ve watched that number continue to climb,” he noted.

He said that WCPS and other districts are struggling to find teachers, substitute teachers and bus drivers.

Clayton said the game plan is to keep open communication with local legislators. He wants to work towards fully funded school transportation and receiving funding to keep up with inflation.

Clayton said he does not think they will need the 10 full NTI days given, but he trusts that if if worst comes to worst, our legislators and school board are prepared to make whatever decisions keep people safe.