WCPS encourage students to be teachers at ‘Welcome Back WKU’

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Welcome back Western Kentucky University students! 

Dozens of local businesses and organizations gathered in tents on South Lawn for ‘Welcome Back WKU’…. presenting giveaways, prizes and playing games with students. 

It’s a great way for students to get to know the businesses in our community before they enter the real world. Warren County Public Schools say they set up every year to meet with education majors. 

“I just want someone to look back on their life and say Ms. squires really impacted my life,” said Madalyn Squires, who’s studying general education. 

“My mom spent countless hours outside of just being in school at home working on stuff for kids and students and I would be in public and people would come up to us and say how amazing she is and how much she helped them in their lives,” said Kylie Hudson, who’s studying elementary education. 

Right now there is a major teacher shortage.

About one in every six Kentucky teachers leave the Kentucky teaching industry each year. 

WCPS is trying to change that statistic. Today, a QR code was available for students to sign up as a substitute teacher. 

“We all picked up sub applications. We want to get more experience, learn more and make new connections,” said Adelle Reyes, who’s studying elementary education. 

This allows students to get their foot in the door for a full time job down the road. 

“You can get your name and your face out in our schools the better off. when principals see your name and your faces it’s all the better for you,” said WCPS Chief Academic Officer Melissa Stephanski. 

School district leaders hope that the experience leaves a lasting impact on future teachers. 

“Studies have shown students are with their teachers more than their family members because they only get, they always say we get the 9 to 5 and parents get the 5 to 9. So we need to be that positive impact in their lives cuz they’re our future generation,” said Emileigh Lindsey, who’s studying elementary education.