Warren Co.’s White’s Chapel Methodist celebrates 120 Years Sunday

Church wants you to come Sunday: free Bluegrass music, grilling and conversation

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – One Warren County country church will celebrate its 120th anniversary this weekend, and they want you to be there.

White’s Chapel Methodist Church has stood tall on Warren County’s Plano Road since 1902, back when it was an Episcopal church.

84-year-old Joe Reagan said, “This has always been our family church.”

Joe and his son, Terry, have planted roots here their entire lives.

“120 years ago, before the automobile was mass-produced, the church set in the woods,” told Terry. “That’s because you needed a place to tie up your horse and buggy, not out in the sunshine.”

The father-son duo has formed memories both in the church and its cemetery.

“My grandparents are buried out here,” said Joe, who oversees the cemetery. “My grandfather was 94 when he passed away. He was one of the founding members of the church 120 years ago.”

Terry explained, “It has been torn down at one point to the original floor and then rebuilt back up to the sanctuary it is today. We got city water, got to get rid of outhouses and put in indoor plumbing.”

Joe and Terry say they and the small congregation have made no shortage of memories over the years.

“I’ve seen people saved. I’ve seen people baptized. I remember every preacher back to 1954,” recalled Joe.

The church wants you to come out and help them celebrate its 120th anniversary this Sunday. You can come enjoy Bluegrass music, grilling and some good conversation beginning at 4 p.m.

Terry said, “We really enjoy the people that we’ve seen come through: people that have been married or baptized or had their children baptized here. We’d enjoy the opportunity to fellowship with them again here at the church on this weekend.”

Joe added, “I’d like to see everybody in this community show up because this is a community church. It’s always been a community church.”

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