2 indicted in Logan County shooting death

LOGAN COUNTY, Ky. – Two individuals arrested in relation to a murder investigation in Logan County have been indicted in the Logan Circuit Court.

Maleek Goodson, 24, of Clarksville has been indicted on charges of murder, first-degree robbery, tampering with physical evidence and first-degree persistent felony offender.

Elizabeth Ford, 37, of Clarksville faces multiple charges, including murder by complicity, tampering with physical evidence, first-degree robbery by complicity and first-degree persistent felony offender.

On Aug. 11 shortly before 11 p.m., the Logan County Sheriff’s Office requested KSP to conduct a death investigation in the Lewisburg area after responding to Deer Lick Road and finding a man dead near his residence.

KSP troopers and detectives responded to the scene and discovered 57-year-old Ronald W. Cable was shot in his driveway, according to authorities.

Witnesses stated that “Cable was following an individual described as a white, skinny, dark red-haired female wearing a tube top and leggings to a dark gray SUV,” according to a complaint warrant.

Cable held onto the driver’s side as the vehicle pulled away, stated the complaint warrant.

Witnesses further stated they heard shots fired, and shortly after, Cable stated he was shot before dying from his injuries in his driveway, according to the complaint warrant.

After tracking information on Cable’s phone, officials were able to trace an email to Ford, stated the complaint warrant. The complaint warrant further stated officials obtained an IP address, traced it to an inn and located a person there through an investigation who fit the description given of the woman seen outside Cable’s home.

Video footage at the inn additionally showed the woman and clothing who fit the physical description given by witnesses, as well as a black male, leaving in a small, dark gray SUV around 8:44 p.m. Aug. 11, according to officials.

Goodson was arrested Sept. 24 and Ford was arrested Sept. 27, according to the complaint warrant. Both were taken to Logan County Detention Center.

Arraignment for Goodson and Ford is scheduled for Nov. 3 in Logan Circuit Court.