“Transplant” Arrives On NBC

The new medical drama, already a big hit in Canada, gets its chance with an American audience tonight. NBC's Mark Barger reports.

(NBC) — ‘Transplant’ premiered to rave reviews and big ratings in Canada this past winter.

Now, the journey of an immigrant trying to prove himself in his new homeland will try to prove itself with American viewers when the show debuts on NBC.

A catastrophic collision provides the catalyst. A Syrian-trained doctor, denied the chance to practice in his new country, gets an impromptu opportunity to demonstrate his skills.

“Bash is a character who’s existed in every single show, except we never get to see his story,” says ‘Transplant’ star Hamza Haq. “So, this is that story. We’re hoping audiences will finally see a different perspective to which they’re not accustomed and take away something positive.”

‘Transplant’ premieres tonight at 10pm Eastern.

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