Touching your face can spread illness

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. -How can you best protect yourself from getting COVID-19? There may be no perfect answer, but there are a few things you can do to reduce your chances.

Touching doorknobs, light switches and cell phones can transfer germs to your hands, then, you might need to itch your nose or rub your eyes transferring those germs to your face.

You may not be aware of how often you touch your face.

Researchers at a university in Australia observed students and recorded that the students touched their faces an average 23 times per hour.

These movements are frequently accomplished with little or no awareness.

A local nurse, Arielle Dorris, explained why this is such an issue.

“You can be sick and not know it for at least seven to 14 days before you start showing any type of symptoms,” said Dorris.

Doctor Sam Kesri says touching your face can spread your germs to others.

“When you touch the nose or the mouth and you touch the objects here and there, those germs can spread to those places,” said Kesri.

Other important practices are, of course, washing your hands, keeping a distance from others and staying home if you are sick.