“The Titan Games” puts pros to the test

(NBC) When “The Titan Games” taped in February the plan was for it to air next winter, but the coronavirus changed that.

The series was pressed into duty early in a competition starved environment.

The show’s second season sees everyday athletes squaring off for the chance to hit the Titan course against pro athletes, including former NFL lineman Joe Thomas.

Series creator Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson says that’s been hugely popular with the contestants.

“They love it! They come on, and when this clicks, for them, psychologically, this is my opportunity, to go against the best in the world, they shine!,” he says. “It’s really spectacular.”

In fact, two-time Olympic Boxing Gold Medalist Claressa Shields came up short in her first duel on the course last week.

“You’ve got to be great at a number of things to even finish this course,” she says.

Former NFL wide receiver Victor Cruz only expected about a “6” in terms of difficulty.

“When I got there and they walked me through the obstacle course, it shot up to about an 11 out of 10,” he laughs.

“The Titan Games” airs at 7pm tonight on WNKY NBC 40.

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