The Show Must Go On: “America’s Got Talent” Goes Live!

"AGT" live shows begin tonight with show creator and judge Simon Cowell sidelined by a broken back...and no live audience due to the COVID-19 pandemic. NBC's Mark Barger reports.

(NBC) — “America’s Got Talent” is going to be without Simon Cowell as its live shows get underway tonight.

The show’s creator and judge suffered a broken back over the weekend after a fall from an electric bike.

The show will go on without Cowell and without an audience as the acts perform in various locations on the back lot at Universal Studios and its adjacent theme park in Hollywood.

Host Terry Crews says that added scope will make a big night even bigger for tonight’s 11 performers.

“This is when you find something super special,” Crews says. We have the whole lot, we have the theme park, we’ve got the studios, we can go all over, anywhere we want, and these acts can go as big as they’ve ever done in their lives. It’s going to be great!”

Kelly Clarkson will fill in for Cowell as a judge.

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