Teen Helps Teacher Get “Back On Track”

Minnesota teen raises funds for all-terrain wheelchair, allowing his favorite teacher to enjoy the outdoors. KMNF's Sean Morawczynski reports.

(KMNF/NBC News) — A Minnesota teacher will soon be enjoying the outdoors again thanks to the work of one of his students.

Ryan Reineke helped raise thousands of dollars for an all-terrain wheelchair for his teacher, Joel Boehlke.

“We transferred Ryan here in the middle of last year. He was having troubles at school and he came here and he was happy after school. He came home smiling, he was a different kid. All he did was talk about Mr. Boehlke,” says Michelle Schultz, Ryan’s mother.

Reineke says he was motivated to give back.

“Over the summer there was an incident where he almost rolled over in his old electric wheelchair because he got stuck,” says Reineke.

Ryan started a GoFundMe, raising $20,000 for the chair.

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