Teen Charged With Manslaughter In Houston High School Shooting

Investigators say Tuesday's deadly shooting at Houston's Bellaire High School does not appear to have been intentional.

HOUSTON, Texas (NBC News) — The student who is believed to have shot and killed another student at Bellaire High School in Houston, Texas Tuesday has been charged with manslaughter.

“At this time the evidence shows that the act was not intentional but it was reckless. So this is not an accident, because pulling a trigger on a gun whether you know if it’s loaded or not – is an intentional act. But he did not – based on the evidence we have right now – intend to kill his friend,” said Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg.

There were four students in the room with Cesar Cortes and the accused gunman when the fatal shooting occurred.

The four students, all seniors, said the shooting happened inside the JROTC supply room at Bellaire High School minutes before the 4 p.m. bell.

One said the accused gunman walked up to him and said: “I have something to show you. He lifted his shirt up, and we saw that there was a gun in his pants. Me and Cesar saw it.”

“I think he was only trying to show me, but Cesar was standing next to me,” he went on to say. “He pulls it out of his pants, and he cocks it and a bullet comes out. After I saw that, that it was loaded, I walked away; because I didn’t want to be hurt or put in danger.”

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