Students protest after racial video surfaces

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Protesters gathered outside of The Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center Tuesday night after videos surfaced of white sorority women singing current song lyrics that include racial slurs.

Tuesday at an annual Greek event, around 20 Western Kentucky University student protesters gathered outside of The SkyPAC.

Protesters were chanting and speaking out against the actions of the Alpha Xi Delta members in the video.

Not only has the video from Alpha Xi Delta now been viewed thousands of times but a similar video involving a member of Chi Omega circulated.

The Greek-life event at The SkyPAC was a variety show called Shenanigans, organized by Kappa Delta, and featured members of many Greek organizations on campus, including Alpha Xi Delta.

“This whole time I’ve been doing this I’ve been thinking there isn’t enough to say because it seems so simple so it’s kind of frustrating that 20-year-olds need to hear that they shouldn’t be saying the n-word in 2019,” said Anthony Survance, WKU SGA member.

Some WKU students also commented on the protest at Shenanigans.

“It’s kind of cool for people to protest it, but at the same time it wasn’t everyone that was in the video so, there’s always both sides of the story,” said WKU student Nyla Rogers.

“I don’t know if it’s that serious but if it gets the word out that you shouldn’t do it and there are repercussions, then I’m all for it,” said WKU student Camry Logan-Taylor.

Kappa Delta’s chapter president, Kate Adams, said her sorority wants to be a part of the solution and hopes the situation results in open dialogue and education for all students.

The University has not taken any disciplinary action against the students.

Alpha Xi Delta and Chi Omega declined to comment on the situation.

A spokesman for the local chapter of the NAACP tells WNKY that the organization is aware of the situation.