Sheriff’s office teams up with WKU students to find a new look

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Warren County Sheriff’s Office is getting a new look, and it will be designed for free by Western Kentucky University user experience design class.

Warren County Sheriff Brett Hightower is working to rebrand the sheriff’s office and Kelley Coppinger at WKU is using the rebranding to allow her students to practice real world advertising design skills.

“The best part about this is there is no cost to us at all so we get the utilization of some of the smartest and best and brightest students that this community has to offer, and we have them look at it and it doesn’t cost the taxpayers anything at all,” Hightower said.

The students are creating a new car wrap for the sheriff’s vehicles as well as creating a new logo for the office.

But that is not all, the students are also working to create a new press release graphic, missing persons graphic, promotional videos and much more.

“The students are really excited because it’s going to be something that they can see. They can say they did it and they had a hand in it and that is always important. So, they are very excited about that,”

Images shown are all rough drafts and are not the final design.

The students are still actively working on the graphics with the sheriff to finish details.