Senior living residents go viral & get flowers from Jay-Z!

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-The phone has been ringing off the hook for the new TikTok stars at Arcadia Senior Living!

A clip of  residents doing a rendition of Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime show has gone viral- over 27 million views so far!

“My grandchildren and I watched and there were flips and flops and I was standing there thinking wow I wish I could do that…and then i did do that,” said Arcadia Senior Living resident Dora Martin. 

It’s caught the attention of national news outlets around the country… including NBC’s The Today Show. It even was picked up in the UK!

“I went to the doctor the other day and the nurses as soon as I walked in there, knew who I was,” said Martin. 

They even caught the attention of an A-list celebrity…who sent them a bouquet of roses! 

“There’s 100 of them. And they’re from Jay-Z. My granddaughter was worried and she told her mother- “I hope she knows who Jay-Z is!” said Arcadia Senior Living resident Sue Evans. 

“I thought that was wonderful, very nice of him!” said Martin. 

A lavish gesture that has now become a prized memento.

“We thought about pressing them in a book but we haven’t got a big enough book,” said Arcadia Senior Living resident Ora Rampenthal. 

With 93,000 followers- and counting- on their TikTok account, they hope their dances and fun videos send one important message. 

“I hope they see that getting old and living in a facility is not all bad like we used to think it was,” said Evans. 

You might wanna know what’s next for them- they told me National Barbie Day is coming up in a week…be on the lookout for a video involving wigs!