Searching For A Killer: Delphi Murders Mark Fourth Anniversary

Four years after Libby German and Abby Williams were murdered in the woods near Delphi, Indiana the search for their killer continues. WTHR's Emily Longnecker reports.

(NBC News) —  Four years ago on Valentine’s Day, the bodies of Libby German and Abby Williams were found in the woods in Delphi, Indiana.

For the families of both girls, the memories of that day remain in their minds.

“You deal with it as it comes to you, the pain and all of that is still there,” said Libby’s grandfather, Mike Patty.

Much of that pain has been felt even more acutely this year because both girls would have been seniors in high school.

“She should be graduating from high school,” Patty said of his granddaughter. “You see on social media the kids going to prom, the various things that kids do. They get their license, and they post pictures of it.”

“It’s still as tough as their first day of school. It doesn’t get any easier,” said Abby’s mom, Anna Williams. “I’m just trying to recognize it’s not just us. Everybody is feeling what we’re feeling as a group.”

The teens’ families weren’t the only ones left reeling after their murders.

The small community of Delphi was rocked too, with families there left wondering if their own children were safe.

It’s a question that remains with the case still unsolved.

Police have released a sketch of the person they believe is responsible. They also have video and audio Libby took of the killer on her cell phone as he walked towards her and Abby on the Monon High Bridge that day.

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