Russellville Independent School District creates new emotional support program

RUSSELLVILLE Ky.-An area school district introduced a new program to provide emotional support to the students and staff.

‘Talk it over Thursdays’ is a program held by the Russellville Independent School District, and it’s available to all  students and staff.

Anyone who wants to attend the weekly session can talk about anything from the effects of the pandemic, trouble at work or home, and even topics that one may not want to talk with others about. This is to provide emotional support, ensuring everyone knows help is available.

Anyone can sign up for either in-person talks, or virtual if they’d prefer. R.E. Stevenson Elementary principal Heather Carden says caring for students goes further than just academics, and she’s hoping the return to in-person school will help with emotional development.

“Kids are social and they’re social learners. Us being back in person, being able to see someone smile and see their facial features and feed off of those, I think will do wonders for the kids social, emotional and mental health,” Carden said.

These sessions will take place every Thursday in July, and August 5. They’ll be from 11 am to 1 pm.

To sign up, you’re asked to contact the district at 270-726-8405.