Rotating outages rendered millions heatless & powerless over Christmas… What about next time?

GLASGOW, Ky. – During our Christmas 2022 cold spell, TVA issued a statement requesting all of its 10 million customers to reduce unnecessary electricity usage.

This time of year, Barren County Emergency Management’s phones ring off the hook, residents saying they have no heat or power in their homes.

Next time your city turns out the power to keep the grid reliable, what can you do to stay warm and stay safe?

“What we see is a lot of folks preparing last minute,” BCEM’s Micheal Hale explained. “When they go to that grocery store, the store is out of what they need. “

Whether it’s packing a hand can opener or a few flashlights, Hale says it’s never too early to be diligent.

Also, he cautions to never underestimate the importance of keeping water on hand.

“You’re more likely to be dehydrated in the cold weather than you are in the hot weather. That’s why it’s important to drink water,” Hale said.

Warren County Emergency Management warns despite the temptation to warm your home with your generators, “It definitely does not need to be inside your home. It needs to be outside your home.”

Keep your generators outside 10 to 15 feet away from the house on a dry, level spot to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

Deputy Director Travis Puckett says you should, “Use heavy-duty extension cords when you’re using a generator, that way you won’t run a risk of causing a fire.”

Still unsure where to start? Both Hale and Puckett recommend turning to The website helps you build preparedness kits for your home and car.

Hale says prepping is, “just about being vigilant about what’s going on in your surroundings, about what’s going to happen, and looking down the road at what might happen. Be a neighbor and check on people.”

“We want everyone be safe and enjoy a new year,” added Puckett.