Robot brain surgery could soon come to Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Doctors in South Central Kentucky could soon be using robots to perform surgery on the brain and spine.

Local medical professionals checked out the latest technology in the surgical field at the Neurological Symposium on Friday. The symposium took place at the Medical Center -WKU Health Sciences Complex in Bowling Green.

Representatives from medical device company Globus Medical showed off their latest technology, a robot called ExcelsiusGPS.

The bot can assist doctors in planning and performing complicated brain and spine surgeries.

So far Excelsius is not being used in Kentucky. In fact representatives from the company say only 80 hospitals in the entire world are currently using the robot.

Dr. Narendra Nathoo, a surgeon at the Medical Center, hopes to soon use the robot here in Bowling Green.

“It allows the patient to recover quickly, have less pain, mobilize faster and leave the hospital quicker. It also translates to less cost at the end of the day, and better patient outcomes because of less blood loss and less damage to normal tissue,” said Dr. Nathoo.

In addition to the robot, computer assisted surgery was also presented at the symposium today.