Rezoning talk concerns residents & Chaney’s Dairy Barn

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Thursday evening, controversy about rezoning concerned some Warren County citizens at the City-County Planning Commission. People quickly filled up seats to attend. This rezoning’s applicant filed a motion for a zoning change around the Southcentral side of Nashville Road, an area that would affect Chaney’s Dairy Barn according to Carl Chaney. 

“This development that’s being requested is a larger lot size, a larger home size, a less dense development than what’s been suggested in the last few years,” said applicant Leon Tarter’s lawyer, Chris Davenport.

People in the audience raised their hands against the rezoning of some of the area from agricultural to residential, upset at the idea of farm and rural land being swallowed up by housing development.

Chaney’s Dairy Barn owner Carl Chaney represented himself at the meeting, pushing against the motion to rezone the land. 

“It is still remarkable to me that the rights of those yet to live in an area trump the rights of those that have been there for generations,” remarked Chaney.

Chaney said his biggest concerns are the traffic, the safety and losing their family’s agricultural ground. 

“It’s not the cows I’m worried about getting on that property, it’s people getting on my property and having a possibility of somebody getting hurt,” Chaney said.

The plan calls for 532 homes. The planning commission passed the application despite opposition for a single family development of 532 homes. 

News 40 will keep you updated as the proceeding continues.