Reporter attacked on camera

(WBBH/NBC News) A Florida man is facing charges of battery, criminal mischief and damaging property after he attacked a reporter as she was working on a story.

Delia D’Ambra, a reporter with NBC affiliate WBBH, was knocked to the ground. She was able to hit record on her camera and capture the attack as the man lunged at her. She then called 911 while still recording.

“He comes and grabs everything, shakes me and pushes me back,” D’Ambra said. “And as we’re going down, he holds onto the viewfinder and pulls that down and breaks it.”

In the video, D’Ambra can be heard screaming numerous times, “Leave me alone!”

She warns the man she is calling the police while dragging herself and the camera across the pavement. The suspect, who was wearing blue gloves, can be seen walking away toward his car.

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