Regina King Takes On “Saturday Night Live”

The award-winning actress and director is hosting for the first time. NBC's Mark Barger reports.

(NBC) — “Saturday Night Live” returns this week with host Regina King.

Even as an actress who’s won an Oscar and multiple Emmy awards, King was still a bit awed coming to the SNL set.

“Seeing it with all the lights, it just felt really special, like ‘Mom! I’ve arrived!!!'” she says.

King arrives having directed one of the darlings of Hollywood’s current award season, “One Night In Miami.”

It’s a fictional account of a meeting between Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Jim Brown and Sam Cooke in the 1960s.

After calling the shots on that film, King is switching back into acting gear this week, adjusting to the fast-paced prep that’s second nature for SNL’s cast and crew.

For an actress best known for her dramatic work in recent years, it’s also a chance to harken back her career start in comedy as a teenager on NBC’s “227.”

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