Professional development at WKU

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Local art teachers from local public schools, and just a few from Tennessee, visited Western for some fun and education.

during the introductory speech for the day, there were a few words about the importance of arts and a societal fear of studying for something intangible, to which every educator News 40 spoke to had a comment on.

“It can be both lucrative financially but also personally” Terrance Brown said, the Dean of Potter College of Arts & Letters. He also added that the teachers were not only benefiting themselves but involved in “service learning”, affirming that they did not have to be there and that was a great thing.There’s more to art than just paintings and drawings, the educators said art education can be applied in other ways as well.

In her interview with News 40, a department chair in her art program, Kristina Arnold poetically almost, stated that “we always talk about the jobs of tomorrow not being here yet” and that the people with “creative minds” will be the ones that are able to fill the future.