Past and present students celebrate mascot

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-When traveling around Bowling Green, it’s hard not to come across the mascot of Western Kentucky University, Big Red.

Big Red has been dancing around since 1979. The mascot was originally designed by Ralph Carey, a graduate from WKU, and statues and artwork of the mascot can be found littered through campus and the community.

WKU grad Leslie McCoy said Big Red was a big reason her days as a hilltopper were so memorable.

“Big Red to me represents the spirit of WKU. I don’t think you can see Big Red without smiling. You just always smile when you see Big Red,” McCoy said.

While students both past and present have had their time to interact with Big Red, the mascot’s personality spreads to student athletes as well.

“Big Red is the best mascot in the world. It brings so much energy to the field. It’s so interactive with the children and the crowd,” said  WKU cheerleader Brooke Stivers.

Big Red has been involved in countless campus events, which has led to hilltoppers having a plethora of fond memories.

“We were doing a trick-or-treat around diddle. All the kids could come in and trick or treat. Big Red was there to help pass out candy. It was one of my fondest memories with Big Red,” Stivers said.

Mascots are a big part of the college experience, and McCoy said she’ll always remember her time on the hill, as she visits the campus to reminisce.

“Big Red was a huge part of events and always brought a smile to people’s faces. I think he’s absolutely the best mascot in America,” McCoy said.