No “warning signs” ahead of Virginia Beach shooting

(WAVY/NBC News) An independent investigation into the May 31st mass shooting at the Virginia Beach Municipal Center has found no “warning signs” from the gunman and no clear motive.

“I think you say ‘why?’ Everybody wants a nice clean reason — and in this case that didn’t come forward,” said Debra Kirby of Hillard Heintze, the Chicago-based firm that conducted the independent investigation.

Kirby, along with firm founder Arnette Heintze, shared the results of the 16-week probe in front of City Council on Wednesday night.

The presentation comes nearly six months after city engineer Dwayne Craddock, 40, shot and killed 12 people and seriously hurt four others at Building 2 at the city’s Municipal Center. Craddock was also killed in a gun battle with police.

Hillard Heintze created a timeline of the shooting and reviewed the shooter’s employment history and city policies. The full 262-page report includes six key findings and 58 recommendations.

Overall, investigators said they found rumors about the incident — such as the shooter being passed up for a promotion — were unsubstantiated. However, what can be proven is the shooter was unhappy at work.

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