New WKU art exhibit showcases work from alumni

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-From all the way back to the late 70s to today, a new exhibit called the Alumni Exhibition at the Ivan Wilson Center for Fine Arts features works of art and sculptures from previous Hilltoppers. This two-floor exhibit just opened up at the start of the 2020 spring semester. It was started by recent graduate and now exhibit gallery manager Victoria Layne.

“It’s very inspiring, not only just to see all the students come in and take pictures of the art, but as an artist myself, I find a lot of inspiration from all the shapes, variety, and different types of art,” Layne said.

Sculptures and portraits range from clay, to watercolors and even digital. A piece of art called ‘Perception’ with pop sockets provides a different image when looking at it from far away. It was made by 2011 graduate Kara Williams Glenn.

“It’s great for me to see all of my alumni from the past here, and also get to share this with the students,” Williams Glenn said.

Williams Glenn said the fact that her art is displayed is out of this world.

“I really wanted to do a mixed media piece using pop sockets. It really developed into this piece,” Williams Glenn said.

Art is a skill that needs to be performed constantly for an artist to stay sharp. Williams Glenn said she’s glad these works of art stood the test of time.

“It’s great to walk around the exhibit and see pieces from the past, all the way to contemporary graduates. It’s nice to see a piece from the 70s and know that they’re still invested in their craft,” Williams Glenn said.