Nevada Brothels Eye Reopening

Shut down due to the coronavirus, Nevada's legal brothels are now looking at increased safety measures that will allow them to reopen their doors. KRNV's Kim Burrows reports.

(KRNV/NBC News) — Nevada’s legal brothels are looking at increased safety measures as they prepare to reopen after being shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The world-famous Mustang Ranch closed its doors March 15th, along with many businesses across the state.

Months later, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak allowed others to reopen that have close contact with customers, like nail salons and massage shops, but not brothels.

Staff at the Mustang Ranch say he’s unfairly targeting them and won’t communicate as to when he might give the green light to their red light business.

“We haven’t been told anything and that is really frustrating because there’s no communication,” says Jennifer Barnes, a Mustang Ranch Madam.

Barnes says they’ve always had high safety standards before COVID-19 and they plan to increase safety when they’re allowed to open. When the Mustang Ranch does open, there will be added safety measures like face masks, staff will check customers’ temperatures and they will have to wait in their car or a waiting area to limit contact with larger groups. Staff is also discussing having the women take COVID tests.

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