National Prescription Drug Take Back Day coming up this weekend

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – You may have some old prescription drugs in your cabinets at home that you haven’t been using.

Well, this weekend you can dispose of those pills properly.

The National Prescription Drug Take Back Day will be this Saturday.

The event addresses a crucial public safety and public health issue.

Millions of Americans misuse drugs and oftentimes the users get ahold of the pills through someone’s medicine cabinet.

Bowling Green Warren County Drug Task Force director Tommy Loving said flushing the drugs is an environmental hazard and tossing them in the garbage is not a secure disposal plan.

The goal of the event, “Don’t be the accidental dealer”.

“Sometimes family members will get in the medicine cabinet and take the drugs, the controlled substances. sometimes cleaning people in your home or, for instance, if your home is for sale, we’ve had people come in to go through an open house and some of those people just go to go into the medicine cabinet and see if they can find any drugs,” said Loving.

This is a county, city, state and federal combined initiative and collections will take place at the Bowling Green Police Department, Kentucky State Police Post 3, and 999 Lauren Avery Drive.

If you can’t make it out Saturday, there are disposal boxes at several local law enforcement cites at all times.