Minneapolis Braces For Chauvin Trial

Jury selection begins Monday in the murder trial of Derrick Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer who pinned George Floyd's neck to the ground for nearly nine minutes until his death. NBC's Jay Gray reports.

MINNEAPOLIS, Mn. (NBC News) Anger, frustration and calls for justice echoed through downtown Minneapolis Sunday on the eve of the murder trial of former police officer Derrick Chauvin.

Chauvin is the officer who pinned George Floyd to the ground, holding his knee on Floyd’s neck until he died. The final minutes of Floyd’s life, caught on camera by witnesses, triggered a massive outcry against police brutality and sparked a nationwide call for reform and racial justice.

Fencing and razor wire have been put up near the court, and buildings downtown boarded up ahead of the trial.

City officials say they welcome peaceful protests, but are preparing for others to join the crowds expected to gather outside the courthouse.

“They seek to cause destruction and chaos in our city by using peaceful protesters as cover by using them as a shield,” Mayor Jacob Frey says.

Law enforcement from at least a dozen agencies, all recently trained in non-violent conflict resolution, will be on the ground through the verdict in the case.

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