Metcalfe County authorities looking for cemetery vandal

EDMONTON Ky.- Cemeteries are considered by most as sacred places where loved ones are laid to rest. Someone in Metcalfe County doesn’t seem to think they are so sacred.

According to the Metcalfe County Sheriff’s Office, someone intentionally used a motor vehicle to strike several headstones on or around Saturday at the Missionary Mound Cemetery in Edmonton.

Metcalfe County Judge-Executive Harold Stilts said he can’t believe anyone would go this far.

“I think an act of violence like that is all uncalled for. Especially in a cemetery where folks have loved ones. It’s just uncalled for in my book.

“I feel for those who have stones of loved ones knocked down there. Maybe they can find out or catch who has done all this here. It just ain’t right,” Stilts said.

All the downed headstones have now been set back up. While the area now looks untouched, the damage has been done, and it has people asking one question. Why?

“For somebody to go to a cemetery and do such a thing. Why? Why would they do something like that at the cemetery?” Stilts said.

Investigators have a lead on a potential suspect.

“I just hope they can find out who did it soon. The vehicle, and the person that was there in the vehicle doing it. It’s not a good thing for somebody to do,” Stilts said.

Anyone with any information that could lead to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) involved is encouraged to contact the Metcalfe County Sheriff’s Office at (270) 432-3041.