Memorial Day planning? : BG hotspots, gas deals, Top Gun: Maverick and more

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Summer is heating up, and so are travel plans… but gas prices are astronomically high right now. Many people are looking at smaller, closer to home staycations to fit their wallets.

Convention & Visitors Bureau Communications Director Nora Bryant said, “People are rethinking their travel budget, and Bowling Green is affordable. Our hotels are affordable. Our restaurants are affordable, and our attractions are as well. Maybe they were looking at Nashville, and now they’re looking at us.”

If you’re looking to kick off your memorial day weekend in Bowling Green, there’s no shortage of stops.

“We’re looking at Lost River Cave, the National Corvette Museum, we are Cave Country. We’re home to the Corvette, so those are our big draw. But people are also going to head out to Chaney’s. They’re going to visit downtown Bowling Green to shop and dine. We are a true destination for summer travel,” said Bryant.

If you’re not staying in town, make sure to get the best deals on gas.

For those of you headed to Barren River Lake, you can fill up your boat at BP on South Green Street in Glasgow for $4.05 at the pump.

If you’re headed south to Music City and can make it to Franklin, Ky, Murphy Express off of Nashville Road offers the lowest gas at $4.05 per gallon.

However, if you want to spend your Memorial Day Weekend indoors, Movie theaters across the nation are rolling out the red carpet for a 36-year sequel in the making – Top Gun: Maverick.

Click here to visit the movie’s official website to purchase your tickets.