Man runs across the country to raise money to help children

MUNFORDVILLE, Ky. – A 78-year-old man is running across the country to raise money for children in need.

Stan Cottrell is running over 3,000 miles and is making a short stop in the town he grew up in, Munfordville.

Cottrell is a world record holder for his running and has been recognized by both the county and the governor for his work to help children.

Cottrell is running from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. in 100 days as a part of the Amazing Friendship Run to raise money for children in need.

Monday, Cottrell made a stop in his hometown in Hart County and the community came out to support him.

The event, held on the Court House Square, included local vendors, food trucks and live music hosted by the executive director of Munfordville Tourism Coni Shepperd.

“It’s really exciting because he has come off of his route to just come back to his hometown and so we’re really excited. You know, it means a lot to us that he came back to do this. I think it’ll be great for the community,” said Shepperd.

Cottrell said the celebration was unlike any other.

“This is beyond, I mean, I won’t even need a funeral. This is celebration. When it comes time for my homegoing, just put me in a box. I mean, this couldn’t get any better as far as a celebration. I’m speaking Hart County humor right now, but anyway, it’s wonderful to see so many faces,” said Cottrell.

Cottrell says he wants to help people and running is his road to do it.

“There was a time in my life that I ran for one thing only and that was just to see my name in the record books and that’s a stupid existence. That lasts about 15 minutes and that amounts to nothing, but every one of our lives should be touching other lives and making a difference. We’re people and as we get together like this, it’s breaking down the walls that divide one human heart from another,” said Cottrell.

Cottrell is speaking at Munfordville Elementary School on Monday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. and the community is invited to come out and attend.

Cottrell will head toward Washington D.C. to complete his journey.