Local organization team up to deliver personal protective masks

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Personal protective masks are a much-needed resource in today’s world. Not everyone has access to these masks and for that reason, some local organizations are stepping up to help.

On Friday, the Bowling Green chapter of the NAACP, along with the Warren County Sheriff’s Office, Bowling Green Police Department, WKU Police Department and the Housing Authority of Bowling Green teamed up to deliver masks to citizens living in underserved neighborhoods, something recipients say they’re grateful for.

“I’m really thankful. Everybody needs their masks, nobody needs to get sick. I really appreciate everyone passing out the masks. Everyone is running around trying to buy them. I’m pretty sure everyone is thankful for it,” said recipient Adnan Osmani.

The team of volunteers went door to door to deliver a few thousand masks,

Warren County Sheriff Brett Hightower said this gives new meaning to the term, serve and protect.

“As the community begins to re-open and we start engaging more with each other, we want to make sure that all those folks have proper facemasks that they can wear,” Hightower said.

With all these organizations coming together for a common cause, Bowling Green-Warren County NAACP president Ryan Dearbone said this is a characteristic of this community.

“I think it says that our community is connected, and when it comes time to do good for others, we step up and do what we’re supposed to do,” Dearbone said.

At the end of the day, not even a pandemic can mask how much a helping hand means.

“They care about their people. People should be more respectful to them. They obviously care for people by passing out masks,” Osmani said.