LifeWorks program helps autistic young adults live their best life

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- A new program at Western Kentucky University is helping young adults with autism and learning differences live their best life. 

LifeWorks is a two year transition to work and independent living program. Andy Arnold is a participant in the program. 

“I’ve learned a lot about myself and career goals and how I work best in this program and I don’t think I would have the success I have now if not for it,” said Arnold. 

One activity they do is volunteering in the community, as on Wednesday they were helping clean up Lost River Cave. 

Hendrix Brakefield, a Lifecoach, says the program helps those with autism achieve anything they set their mind to.

“It’s a population that’s certainly not getting any smaller, it’s a population that has the potential to achieve anything that they want. It’s not a population that just needs care forever. It’s a population that can be springboarded off into doing whatever they wanna do,” said Brakefield. 

The participants are able to live in structured housing on campus and enroll in up to eight courses a semester to gain valuable life skills. Arnold told me some of the things he’s gained through the program. 

“Time management is one of them, but I’m also working a job which was something I was never able to do successfully before. and in general being around genuine and sympathetic people who want to help you will enhance you as a person,” said Arnold.