Kentucky Transpark given $46.5 million in bonds for expansion

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- On Tuesday, the Bowling Green Commission approved $46.5 million in bonds for the Kentucky Transpark. 

This will be used for building infrastructure in the transpark’s expansion. There are currently 18 businesses and 2,700 employees housed within the transpark. The employees there add around $7 million in revenue to the community, which is a major boost to the economy. 

Ron Bunch, president and CEO of the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce says that he estimates 8 to 10 more companies to come to the transpark in the future because of this expansion. There are currently 5000 to 6000 open jobs right now, which is also set to increase. 

“This is super exciting news. We’ve been very blessed as a community to have developed most of the initial phase of the transpark. So the ITA working with the city and the county will be extending infrastructure into about 500 acres of property that will allow us to have even more economic development over the next several years,” said Bunch.