Kentucky Stonehenge founder passes; Munfordville monolith legacy

MUNFORDVILLE, KY. – What looks like an ancient piece of history in the small town of Munfordville is actually the masterpiece of a local rock collector.

It may not be a corn field, but Kentucky Stonehenge is a ‘field of dreams’ created by former Munfordville Mayor Chester Fryer.

One of Chester’s daughters, Missy Fryer recalled the story her mom told at her dad’s funeral. “He said that God had spoke to him and told him to build a cross. At first he struggled with it, because he didn’t think he could find the right rocks that were the right size. He said, ‘I went out in the field one day and there they were, all together.’ And they just fit perfectly together.”

Building a stone cross at his Munfordville estate was only the beginning.

“He’s always had something to do with rocks his entire life,” said Missy. “He watches the History Channel a lot and he saw Stonehenge on TV, and he decided that’s what he wanted to do…. He did it all himself.”

Five years and 30 rocks later, and Kentucky Stonehenge was born.

Munfordville Tourism executive director Coni Shepperd said, “We have set up tents and had dinners here. We put lights on the Stonehenge. We had it lit up for a 5k. He really just let us do what we want with it, and it’s been really good.”

Fryer even went as far as using a compass to align the stones with the sun’s movements during the summer solstice.

Fryer passed away Friday at 88-years-old, and was laid to rest beneath the rock tombstone he carved for himself. However, his legacy lives on for all to enjoy.

“It has really brought a lot of people to the town,” said Shepperd. “People are amazed about it.”

Canadian tourist Zandara Kennedy told News 40, “We were driving through the area, and we heard about Kentucky Stonehenge, and we were super excited. I have never seen the real Stonehenge, so we had to come check it out.”

Missy said, “He built this place, but in doing that, he also wants everyone to come and enjoy it.”

You can see the estate free of charge at 201 Lynn Ave, Munfordville, Ky 42765.